About Us
Our mission

W.O.W records' main focus is to help emerging artists develop their unique sound and bringing it to a broader audience.

Our Vision

We thrive in a creative mindspace thus we believe in original, personal and genuine music which serves the artist's true message.

Our Values

We believe in music, art and freedom of expression. We praise innovation by always supporting and encouraging authencity and personality.

Who We Are

When we founded W.O.W records we didn't have any glamorous plans in mind, our mission was simple: Art comes first!

We initially set up the label so we could release our music to the world and not have to deal with the common problems of bands that are starting out: disorganisation, lack of strategy, budget management and so on. For us, it's been our main tool and catalyst to make sure we grow our projects in the right direction both in the world of art and with the people we work with.

Over the last years something magical has happened to us and we starting developing projects in our local music scene, helping it grow and managing releases for London Dry which was the first project to be released.

One of our bands, Tryad, has a debut album set to be released April 2020. Other exciting artists like J.KNYTE and Josh Pozzi also have albums coming out this year.