W.O.W Records Playlist Artist plus Gabriel Guarneri Collab

Over the last few weeks we have been talking to many of our friends who are doing their own special thing. The conversations with like minded individuals have sparked new ideas to support art. In light of thisW.o.W Records has created "Hot Shots", the Playlist where we showcase the work our friends outside the W.o.W family.

We're also proud to have worked with Gabriel Guarneri with his song "Mom" which talks about the tragic events surrounding the George Floyd murder, check it out on his Facebook page.

If nothing else, these last few days have been filled with exciting new ideas and opportunities that have been imagine by sharing the love for art with our fellow kindred spirits. We will not stop here.

Keep an eye out as we will continue to update you with more exciting news.


fk HANNAH Presents: The Melancholy Tapes

fk HANNAH is an incredible artist with all round talent. "fk HANNAH Presents: The Melancholy Tapes", his new release, is a testament to that, his single Prometheus is already out on YouTube and let me tell you personally, this release is a mystery even to us.. that's just how fk HANNAH does things.

He has written, produced and engineered all the tracks himself an astonishing meticulous craft and has already had two songs played on BBC.

Get ready to experience the eccentric work of fk HANNAH on the 25th, it's mindblowing, raw and heartfelt. If you're looking for an up and coming artist whose relationship with art is pure and true, definitely worth a listen... Or two.


Josh Pozzi Live Session

Welsh Artist and Producer Josh Pozzi, has been spending his time during lockdown working on a number of projects that he can't wait to share with us all. This performance is a little gem we think you all will like. Inspired by the moods of John Mayer and written abruptly on the side of a road when inspiration hits suddenly is Stay. An enjoyable ballad performance delivered raw and full of emotion.

Out today at 8:00pm BST.

We hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more news and updates.

Stay safe and inspire yourselves


Recent Radio Appearences

Tryad, London Dry and Fkhannah have recently released singles all of them achieving encouraging results, with Tryad and fkhannah both appearing on BBC and London Dry establishing themselves as a bigger name in the Sicilian scene.

All the artists want to thank you, our listeners, for the constant support without which we couldn't have done half of the things we set out to do. More is coming your way, for news and updates on W.O.W artists, keep an eye on our social media and website.


London Dry's New Single 'Aderente' Out Today

London Dry and the W.O.W team are proud to present "Aderente", their latest, most exciting single.

The band has gone towards an experimental approach, taking the upcoming modern synth sounds and making them their own fueling their enjoyable radio friendly-lyric driven sound.

Recorded at the end of a long summer season following the release of their first studio EP "Miglior Nemico" and an extensive summer tour, the band regrouped with Tryad in the studio and channeled all their energy into creative something that their listeners can find new, refreshing and heartfelt, the London Dry way.

The song will be released on today, on the 5th of May alongside the video which you can watch on their YouTube Channel.

The band have included many fans and employed local talent for the making of this video which was directed by Luca Cimino, set in beautiful Sicily. Definitely worth a view..or maybe two.

We are so happy to share this with you and we hope art will help you mend the wounds these dark times have bestowed upon us.

We like to take this last opportunity to thank all brilliant and loving people that have helped make this release possible and of course we wish you the best of health remind you to be safe.


Tryad's Single "On the Road Again" Out Today

The synth infused trio has released “On the Road Again” their latest single along with a Music Video.

Capturing the sounds of 90's alternative mixed with 80's and Modern synth sounds, Tryad have created a tune that combines their sense of musical experiments, catchy hooks, a droney power march and a easter egg for their friends who love Italian pop (we dare you to find it).

The music video has been created by Vincenzo Sandonato a.k.a Bambosh, one of the three boys. Set in a post apocalyptic nightmare and in a videogame. The visuals are stunning and will bring a bittersweet sense of nostalgia to those that have played older arcade style games. And we have a few celebrity cameos too (or rather their Videogame alter egos), think you can name them all?

You can find the video here.

We hope you enjoy.


W.O.W Records Launches their Website!

Today, the 19th of March 2020, W.O.W Records launches their website to provide a central resource for anyone interested in learning more about who we are as a label and learning more about our W.O.W Artists.

Our primary aims are to deliver services for unique artists or bands who are craving to start their adventure in music industry but doesn't know where they fit in with traditional labels. We are a new record label with a focus on doing things with a different approach to normal record labels. Our vision involves creating an image for the artist that is special and new. We pride ourselves in spending time and effort doing this. We are all about quality not quantity.

We are currently working with three artists who will be releasing their projects this year. Tryad has a single "On the Road Again" out in three days. Following this single, Tryad will be releasing their album shortly after. Other artists with exciting things to come are Josh Pozzi and J.KNYTE, who have an album each coming later on this year. We have previously worked with London Dry who released an album last year titled "Miglior Nemico". You can check this out here via Spotify. They will be releasing a single towards the end of the year.

Originally designed by Colorlib, our co-founder Kali Hinder further designed and edited this website so we, as a label, have a foundation and central resource for showcasing all of our projects.