• Album Release: April 2020
  • Producers: Boman, Bambosh and Badmash
  • Album: Dystopia

The synth infused trio which captures the themes of dystopia, retro-futurism and experimental alternative sounds. Boman, Bambosh and Badmash are the three producers which capture these themes through synths, vocals, drum machines and guitars to bring you inside a simulated world of "what ifs"?.

Their symbol is the triangle, which represents the three equally distant vertexes of every member. The ideas, inspiration and sound come from the musical vision they create by digging deep into their cultural and musical sensibility.

A version 2.0 band, where electronic sound is combined with synthesizers, neon lights, vocal harmony and traditional instruments. The mix of synthesizers, drum machines, vocals, bass guitar and live sequencing gives life to Tryad's musical exploration which does not adhere to any specific genre.

We believe music and sound still have much more to say, express and inspire.

Dystopia is the name of the EP that will shortly launch, a canvas of Tryad's musical exploration.

Listen below to our newly released single "On the Road Again" released 20/03/2020.

We are Tryad

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